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Springtime foraging & wild garlic frittelle

There is something enormously satisfying about foraging for food, something that makes you feel that even in the city, you can skip the supermarket and go out and search for your own food in the parks around your suburb. More than just being frugal (although that in itself has its own merits), Nigel Slater put it perfectly when he said, “the pleasure is more the idea of exploiting something that is otherwise considered of little use.” For a novice... Read More

La Latteria, Mozzarella laboratory

‘Laboratory’ is the key word to use for this little piece of fresh cheese heaven, where the magic of cheese making – and especially, mozzarella making – happens on a daily basis in the tiny backroom of the Melbourne cheese shop of Giorgio Linguanti and Kirsty Laird, La Latteria. Fresh mozzarella – bright, weighty, balls of silky, white cheese is hand-stretched and formed in the laboratory. Its decadent cousin, burrata, is a mozzarella casing... Read More

Food & Art

I’ve been spending a lot of time this week contemplating Renaissance food for an upcoming feature article I’m writing for The Canberra Times. It’s to coincide with the opening of an unprecedented show at the National Gallery of Australia – the Italian Renaissance. It’s quite a big thing, these 500 year old paintings making their way to the faraway and ancient land of Australia, and it means I’m getting stuck into two of my favourite topics:... Read More

Oysters alla Tarantina

As the end of November approaches at lightning speed, I am suddenly reminded of next month’s big event – Christmas. It’s a busy time in normal circumstances, but I’ve just moved from the Italy to far flung Australia. We’re not only busy setting up a new life in Melbourne, but also – we’re hosting Christmas. Missing furniture aside, Christmas for my family in Australia is really all about the food and a fitting excuse to get everyone... Read More