A note on measurements: I use metric weight rather than volume in my recipes as I find it more accurate and more convenient. If you rely on cups, please note that Australian, British and US cups and tablespoons all have slightly different measurements – how confusing! Where there are cup measurements, I use a 250ml cup measurement a 20ml tablespoon (so, for example, if you’re using US tablespoons which are 15ml, be generous). If you need to convert these measurements, this is pretty handy information to know, but you can also find conversion tools like this one that do all the maths for you. If in doubt, weight is always accurate!


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Kids in the kitchen

Antipasti e Merende ~ Starters and snacks

Primi ~ First Courses ~ Soup, pasta and rice

Secondi ~ Main Courses ~ Meat, fish, poultry and eggs

Contorni e Insalate ~ Vegetable side dishes and salads

Dolci ~ Sweet things

Da bere ~ Drinks

Per la dispensa ~ Preserves, cheese, bread and more

Celebratory dishes