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Prosciutto and pea pasta (Paglia e fieno alla fiesolana)

As family meals go, we are slowly but surely developing a repertoire of meals that all four of us — including the picky eater — can eat together and nothing makes my heart more full than a meal that we can make and enjoy together. To add to the growing list of favourites, Tuscan spiedini di carne (skewers of meat, sausage, bay leaf and bread), spaghetti con le vongole, my mother’s tamago no gohan (a simple stir fry of egg and rice,... Read More

How to create your Italian family tree

I have spent many, many years tracing my husband Marco’s family tree, a project that started well over a decade ago when I was woking as a restorer, first as an intern and then in the archives of a photography museum in Florence and it struck me on a really personal level how many thousands of photographs (many family portraits) of unknown faces were in the collection. I immediately made my mother in law pull out her black and white family... Read More

Food and family — an interview for Wee Magazine

Last month I received a beautiful magazine in the mail. It had tactile rag paper, colourful and quirky illustrations and was filled with stories about families and their food habits, children’s food drawings, what people feed their families around the world and tales of good and real food — all in Korean! I was honoured to be interviewed in a story about what goes on my family’s table and how we involve our daughter in learning good... Read More

A family photo shoot with Birgitte Brondsted

I’m so excited to share the photographs from a recent family portrait session. It’s rare that I post photographs of myself. I prefer to hide behind the other side of the lens, I feel more comfortable photographing other people. But I realise, as I make connections with people online, on instagram, through my cookbooks and blog, that it’s nice to put a face to the name and the voice. And I want to say hello. I’ve had the luck... Read More