Tortellini at midnight

I love this book. Full to overflowing with beautiful stories and insane amounts of great regional dishes, the food that is the heart and soul of Italian Life. Emiko has a great understanding of the food that Italian women cook at home. I can’t wait to get stuck in and eat and cook my way through it.

Margot Henderson, Rochelle Canteen

Emiko Davies has that wonderful gift of making you want to rush straight into the kitchen. But perhaps not quite straight: I want to linger cosily with the book, with its beautiful pages of recipes and stories from her Italian family. Tortellini at Midnight is infused with warmth: a love letter to Italian home cooking.

Nigella Lawson

Hours have past and for a little while I felt like I was in Italy—it is truly stunning, the recipes familiar but unique, the stories, you can see are from the heart.

Danielle Alvarez, head chef, Fred’s (Sydney)

Emiko guides us through the streets of a family’s journey from southern to northern to central Italy. This is a recipe book. And it’s a love story too.

Tessa Kiros, cookbook author

There’s definitely something in the embrace of Italian food, from the ingredients to a sense of family and it being wholly unpretentious. Emiko Davies brings this to the fore in Tortellini at Midnight, a journey through Italy and time, with the stories of four generations of Davies’ Italian family.

delicious Magazine

Tortellini at Midnight is an intimate and nostalgic journey into rural Italian home cooking. Its stunning photography of both food and locations will instantly make you ache to be there amongst it all, sampling panzerotti from a Pugliese street vendor or devouring bowls of miniature agnolotti al plin. As always, Emiko’s writing is engaging and personal, peppered with knowledge, humour and boundless love for Italy.

Silvia Colloca, cookbook author

Emiko’s third book is stunning - a glimmer of Italy that still awaits us, despite everything.

Sarah Winman, bestselling author

Tortellini at Midnight (Hardie Grant, March 2019) is the author’s latest cookbook. Location photographs are by the author, while the recipe photographs were taken on location in Tuscany’s Valdirose by Lauren Bamford, styled by Deb Kaloper and cooked by the author, her husband Marco and Alice Adams. The book was brought to life by talented designer Allison Colpoys. Here is a sneak peek at the behind the scenes. (Photo at top by Tania Timkova, photo below from Tortellini at Midnight by Lauren Bamford).

Recipes from Tortellini at Midnight:

Tortellini at Midnight in the Press (a selection):

TaM Garden - Lauren Bamford


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