A little about me

I’m half Japanese, half Australian, have an Italian husband and daughter and have spent two-thirds of my life living in other countries. After growing up in Beijing, China, and doing a Fine Art degree in Providence, Rhode Island, I ended up in Florence, Italy. There, I fell in love with a handsome local, a sommelier and my ideal gastronomic partner in crime. We live in Tuscany.

A bit about my work

My first cookbook, Florentine: The True Cuisine of Florence, published by Hardie Grant Books, is now out (see more about it here)! I’m currently working on my second cookbook, Acquacotta, which will be out 1 March 2017. I also write a regular column for Food52 on regional Italian food and have written about classic Italian recipes extensively for Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera. Traditional and historical recipes are my thing on my blog too, and I will usually mention a particular lambchop-sideburned man called Pellegrino Artusi and his cookbook from 1891. You’ll get to know him well here as I talk about his recipes a lot.


If this is your first time here and want to know a little more about why I love talking about regional Italian cuisine, here is one reason. If you’re traveling to Florence and you want to know what my favourite Florentine trattoria is, this butter chicken is inspired by one, and this post talks about a must-try brunch spot when in Florence (and while we’re on the subject, here are my favourite Florentine eats all in one place!). And if you’re curious to know what the first thing I ever cooked for the local guy that I ended up marrying was, you’ll find it here. If you’re wondering what it might be like to do a workshop or cooking class with me, here and here are some lovely blog post by some participants.

You can see a sample of my photography portfolio here.

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Here’s a short video (in Italian, by the brilliant Lenny Pellico for Corriere della Sera) of me in my home last year talking about my love of historical cookbooks and traditional recipes:

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